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3 words that best describe you...  Like A Puppy!

If I wasn’t working at the radio station, I’d be... much less happy!

My celebrity crush is... Miley Cyrus

The song that best describes me is... Too Much by the Spice Girls

I have a fear of... saying something extremely naughty on air

If I could have dinner with one person it would be... Seth MacFarlane (off of the creator of Family Guy)

I bet you didn’t know I could... juggle

My favourite movie is... Role Models

The ultimate TV show is... Family Guy, obviously

The song that I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of is... at the moment, Tokyo by White Lies

I hate it when... the traffic lights turn red as I approach them. Especially when I’m late as usual!

My favourite place to eat out is... my back garden!

My favourite place to hang out on weekends is... the Youthcomm Radio studios

My very first job was... paper boy on my estate

I couldn’t do without... music, 100%



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