Rick Simmonds

3 words that best describe you...  Talker. Sleeper. Runner

If I wasn’t working at the radio station, I’d be...  A barista (I really want to do that one day)

My celebrity crush is... Evangeline Lilly, ‘Lost’ era

The song that best describes me is... Electronic – Getting Away With It (proper retro!)

I have a fear of...  Turning up late for the show and falling off air 

If I could have dinner with one person it would be...   Robin Ince

I bet you didn’t know I could...  Hypnotise people 

My favourite movie is...    Dogma

The ultimate TV show is...   The news (let’s keep our eyes open, people!)

The song that I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of is...   ‘Feels’ – Calvin Harris/Katy Perry/Pharrell etc

I hate it when...  Sport is on the telly

My favourite place to eat out is...  Wagamamas (although that means a trip to Hereford sometimes!)

My favourite place to hang out on weekends is...  Anywhere up in the Malverns for a bit of peace and quiet 

My very first job was...   Paperboy

I couldn’t do without...   Battenburg Cake


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